Kyosho – Nouveau châssis Mini Z MR-03

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Kyosho – Nouveau châssis Mini Z MR-03  dans News mr0301


Available in :

  • Mini-Z Racer ASF2.4GHz MR-03
  • Mini-Z Racer ASF2.4GHz MR-03HM
  • Mini-Z Racer ASF2.4GHz MR-03RM
  • Mini-Z Racer ASF2.4GHz MR-03MM
  • Mini-Z Racer ASF2.4GHz MR-03LM

Translation :

Body can be fitted with all Mini-Z! Also redesigned the suspension to run the new developer!
Sigh escaping advanced performance. Minutes, it is everlasting joy.

It probably is to become aware in the instant and this chassis which cut the steering wheel without being the ordinary person. Acting in concert to stroke, changing camber, it continues original front suspension, to catch the road surface, new design digital steering wheel servo and the phase ball of core less motor adoption, the running of on the rail promising. The and others and others the feeling which can be counterattacked steering wheel feeling of good extent just new sense of the times. Furthermore the high density packaging technology which also light weight conversion achieves the MR-02 transferring in addition to center of gravity low the narrow body for MR-015 easily installation possibility. The abundant body line-up which can be called property of [minitsutsuresa] it corresponds entirely. With the body which is the taste, you can enjoy the running of advancement. Just until premium heart it goes, please enjoy the racing life whose [minitsutsuresa] which MR-03 develops is new. There are times when the option part which corresponds to the respective model becomes necessary in installation of the body dans News


Source: Kyosho



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