Kyosho – DRX Citroen C4 WRC

Kyosho – DRX Citroen C4 WRC dans News k31043a500x334


1/9 R/C 18 Engine Powered 4WD Rally Car


Rallye de France Tour de Corse 2008

Available : Sep 30, 2009

Exquisite detail and growling engine sound!
Scale model looks and drives just like the real machine.

In addition to dedicated R/C off-road courses, this machine attacks gravel, tarmac and any other surface with extreme confidence. The sweet resonating sound of the exhaust note signals the power of the GP engine that delivers the relentless drive of a true WRC machine. The precise dimensions of the long wheelbase chassis with 3-differential full-time 4WD produces the stable straight line performance and drift control that lets you transform any open space into a racing circuit for a driving experience like never before. With roll and tire squeal like the real machine and the finely detailed body, the world of rally car racing has never been closer than with the dramatic action of this dynamic model racer.

  • Separate clear lens headlights included add a detailed finish to the scale realistic body and decals.
  • Mounted with powerful GXR18 engine fitted with recoil pull starter.
  • Uses the same separated clutch structure as racing buggies to deliver superior throttle response.
  • Large air cleaner works effectively to extend the maintenance cycle of the engine.
  • Downward facing offset of the muffler exit eliminates the need for exhaust holes in the body.
  • Large capacity oil shocks with chassis height adjustment function are included as standard.
  • Dirt resistant radio box can be completely removed with just four screws for easy maintenance.
  • Dual disk brakes allow individual brake settings on the front and rear.
  • 103cc fuel tank delivers run times of more than 10 minutes.
  • Racing design features include a transponder stay and a quick opening fuel tank cap.
  • Setting options are available for chassis height, camber, tread, as well as front and rear toe angle.
  • Optional clutch springs and clutch shoes provide a variety of power feel settings.
  • Install an optional stabilizer to take performance to an even higher level.

Chassis Technical Data

  • Length 560mm
  • Width 260mm
  • Height 187mm
  • Wheelbase 316mm
  • Tread (F/R) 215mm / 215mm
  • Tire(F/R) Φ93×38mm / Φ93×38mm
  • Gear Ratio 8.861
  • Weight 2,600g Approx.
  • Engine GXR18 engine with recoil starter dans News


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