Hot Bodies – TC-D Ultimate High-End Drift Machine

Hot Bodies – TC-D Ultimate High-End Drift Machine dans News hbtcd01500x333


Ultimate high-end drift machine “TC-D” appearance.

The ultimate drift machine which throws the stir to the world champion brand “Hot Bodies” empty drift scene which the numerous high-end machine release is done appears. Suspension geometry of touring competition machine “cyclone TC” that way, the main chassis, the motor mount, modifying the steering linkage. Motor layout actualizing the weight distribution which is optimum to the drift by the fact that it moves to the front midship from the rear. Because battery position and it can select from 2 places, fine control of weight distribution are possible. “The cyclone TC” empty it receives and the abundant setting point which succeeds road surface temperature and tire wear etc adjusts to the environment which changes moment by moment, leads you to the ultimate drift my star.

TC-D Major Characteristics

  • Overall length: 365mm
  • Width: 190mm (0mm offset wheels when seated.)
  • Wheelbase: 258 ~ 262mm
  • Weight: 1480g
  • Front Mid Motor Layout
  • Furontoborudefu, Riarijittodefu
  • Carbon Double Deck Chassis
  • Multi Battery Position
  • Ajasutaburusuredettoshokku
  • Belt drive 4WD
  • Full Ball bearing dans News






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