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Turn your RC18 into the ultimate on road platform with this premium racing conversion. Designed from the ground up for on road racing.

  • New extended wheel base! 7mm longer for improved handling. Requires the Exotek GTZ body if converting an 18R.
  • Includes an extended alloy drive shaft.
  • Bottom plate design allows the use of droop screw modifications.
  • 1.5mm USA made carbon fiber top and bottom plates.
  • Slop free ball bearing steering crank.
  • Accepts many micro servos including the stock servo, Hitec 65MG or the superb Airtronics 94761.
  • Alloy universal type servo mounts
  • Accepts all 7v micro packs that would fit the stock 18R chassis.
  • Re-engineered heavy duty nylon diff covers.
  • Alloy 2 piece easy access finned motor mount system. Quicker gear mesh settings with 1 screw!
  • Lowered motor mount is compatible with 300 size motors as well as the Mamba and Mongoose.
  • High impact front bumper system.
  • Alloy front hinge pin blocks
  • Special nylon 6 degree front castor blocks.
  • Quality alloy steel hardware.

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