SANWA Exzes Plus FHSS 2.4Ghz set

SANWA Exzes Plus FHSS 2.4Ghz set dans News 101a27363a

Stick transmitters still enjoy great results despite modern pistol grip transmitters and are still loved by many. A lot of top drivers, such as Lamberto Collari and Robert Pietsch, use this control concept to reach great achievements and today no one can say that either of these systems is better or worse. Good news for all stick aficionados – the all new EXZES PLUS FHSS pro transmitter features the advantages of the newest SANWA technology as well. Outstanding response, impressive functions, and intelligent adjustment possibilities – all of this combined makes the EXZES PLUS FHSS the stick transmitter of choice for R/C cars. Extr emely High Respo nse Sy stem The EXZES PLUS FHSS is equipped with the Sanwa

Extremely High Response System.
This new software is groundbreaking. With multiple faster transmission signal speed your car will follow your throttle and steering instructions faster and more reliable than ever. You will be able to manoeuvre your car more precisely. Overtaking and making the decisive pass is now made easier with better reactions with sustained control.

The huge LCD Display on the top of the transmitter creates the perfect user friendly menu, bringing all the multiple functions of the EXZES PLUS FHSS to the user. The menu structure is easy to overview and logical, making any setup changes quick and easy.

The EXZES PLUS FHSS offers many setup possibilities for individual grip positions making the use of the transmitter as comfortable and effective as possible: you can easily adjust the tension on both sticks, you have the possibility to angle both of the sticks, you can connect single buttons to functions of your choice, and many more. At the new EXZES PLUS FHSS almost everything can be adapted to your preferences.

Changing the steering and throttle characteristics with an exponential function is no problem for the EXZES PLUS FHSS. However, we take this to the second level: the Expo-Function is fully adjustable in both directions individually! Additionally to this the EXZES PLUS FHSS is also capable of providing Anti-Lock Braking and traction control.
EXZES PLUS Championship winning!
The two top drivers Lamberto Collari and Robert Pietsch have won numerous titles. With the Sanwa stick transmitter Lamberto wins the 1/8 Onroad World Championship 2009 in Switzerland. And Robert, nationally and internationally successful Nitro Champion (TQ 1/8 Onroad WC 2009), relies on Sanwa since the beginning of 2009 – and as a stick fan of course on the EXZES PLUS.

Source : LRP


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