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BD5 WORLD SPEC new generation of new characters! !

Are overwhelmingly in support of the world racing scene now Li-po battery. That can be used from this year’s World Championships and All-Japan Championships from the nickel-metal hydride batteries in the country has begun the transition Li-po battery.

In Yokomo is an effort to quickly respond to the latest source of power, “Li-po-only” has been promoting the development of the BD5. It’s called, “BD5 World Spec” has now become a world standard in order to fully compatible with Li-po battery, to investigate thoroughly the arrangement and placement of the battery and mechanical drive system, perfect weight balance of the machine became the ultimate completed the Li-po car.

And the BD5 World Spec, JMRCA be able to match changes to the regulations of the sport class, equipped with a motor mount for a wide range of new design. Spur Gear 96T Standard Kit alone, with gear ratios up to 3.4:1 ~ 8.0:1. Finished in a motor vehicle can respond to any gear ratio.

BD5 World Spec participated in combat as a final test of the January 8-10, held in Denmark in Europe’s premier Sun DHI Cup races, athletes and other powerhouses of the world Warudochanpu. From Chimuyokomo is Unno Kouzirou just finished a prototype car brought BD5 World Spec, Ronald Volker joined with the players. BD5 World Spec keep the best players win the race despite the first! ! Attracted great attention! Asphalt, such as whether the carpet, has demonstrated a variety of potential situations can support.

Main Specifications

● BD-008FG Front Suspension lightweight graphite
● BD-008RG lightweight graphite rear suspension arms (damper mounting position 40.5mm)
● BD-413G Steering Hub Carrier Front (Graphite Light)
● BD-415SG front steering blocks (made of lightweight graphite)
● BD-415RG rear hub carrier (made of lightweight graphite)
● BD-500P BD5 for Purotekutodefujointosetto
● As part setting also Baransuueito standard and low center of gravity.


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