Exotek – XR3 Xray T3 LIPO Chassis

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Introducing the Exotek XR3.

A no holds barred multi-adjustment lipo chassis. With the unique cnc manufactured stainless steel weights your lipo battery can be positioned to have equal left and right balance within grams without the need to add lead weight and without raising the battery up higher.

  • The XR3 chassis is designed and tested to equalize lateral flex. No more inconsistent flex problems caused by 6 large battery cut outs like in the stock chassis. The net result is much more predictable handling.
  • 2mm thick chassis to mimic the flex of the stock chassis. Deleting the 6 nimh battery cut outs effectively stiffens the chassis. Reducing the thickness to 2mm puts a little flex back into the chassis for improved traction.
  • 3 side ways battery mounting positions.
  • 2 front or back battery mounting positions.
  • 2 piece battery blocks insures these cannot tweak the chassis.
  • American made quasi weave 2mm thick carbon fiber.
  • Narrowed chassis (91mm wide) for less chassis scrub through corners for better corner speed.
  • Includes special battery strapping tape tabs.
  • Multi adjusting center battery rail to custom fit your battery for a perfect snug fit.
  • Accepts 7.4 volt FLAT BOTTOM type cased lipos such as Thunder Power 5000, Intellect IB, Orion Platinum Series or similar sized lipo batteries.

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Source: Exotec


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